goodbye julia film

The 10th anniversary of the European Film Festival in South Africa will open with the African-European film Goodbye Julia, set in Sudan. The film is a co-production between six countries and the first Sudanese film to be presented at the Cannes Film Festival, where it won the Freedom Award.

The film tells the story of two women who represent the complex relationship between northern and southern Sudanese communities. It is set in Khartoum during the last years of Sudan as a united country. The film features superb cinematography by South African Pierre de Villiers and a moving musical score by Sudanese musician Mazin Hamid. Goodbye Julia a powerful and moving film. The performances are also excellent, and the film’s story is both heartbreaking and hopeful.

Goodbye Julia is one of three African stories in this year’s festival. The other two films are Mother, directed by Bulgarian Zornitsa Sophia, and Nayola, directed by JosĂ© Miguel Ribeiro.

The European Film Festival 2023 is a collaborative effort between the European Union Delegation to South Africa, various European embassies, and cultural organizations in South Africa. The festival is supported by Ster Kinekor, The Labia, and Creative WorkZone and will run from October 12th to 22nd, with screenings in cinemas and online.