By downloading Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal on DStv’s BoxOffice, you can help to save an animal’s life

The lockdown is difficult for everyone, but even more so on parents trying to find ways to keep their young children busy and entertained daily. Parents are proving to be creative at keeping the young ones busy by teaching them how to bake, spending afternoons creating toys, masks and musical instruments; and even incorporating them into their daily work-out and yoga routines. But movies are also a big part of keeping children entertained and DStv’s BoxOffice has just added another child-friendly showstopper to its line-up and by merely renting it, you can help care for an animal during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The new animated children’s movie, Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal is available on DStv’s BoxOffice right now and you can rent it at R25 and for every rental R1 will be donated to Kitty and Puppy Haven. In the second instalment to the Sheep & Wolves franchise, the sheep and wolves live together in peace and harmony when one day, two guests turn up out of the blue, bringing with them unexpected danger. It is now up to our fury friends to work together to save the day, proving once again that united they are stronger.

The movie promises to captivate and uplift while at the same time address topics such as teamwork, tolerance, and acceptance. In addition to keeping the kids entertained, you will also be donating to a good cause. 

“Kitty and Puppy Haven is 100% dependent on public support and it’s never been truer than now as we navigate the troubled waters of the pandemic. Our operating costs have risen during this time, but we were unable to generate any income or conduct fundraisers. It’s only through the generosity and support of the public that we have been able to continue to care for our rescued animals and ensure that their needs are met,” said Samantha Berger, owner and director of Kitty and Puppy Haven. 

Lalla Hirayama is also proud to put her support behind the initiative and hopes to encourage as many people as possible to rent the movie to help care for the animals during COVID-19 lockdown at the Kitty and Puppy Haven. “I have learned those who teach us the most about humanity, aren’t always human. Supporting animals in need is close to my heart because I know how much they want to love and be loved by humans but aren’t always given the proper chance to. I would love for everyone to rent this fun animation with a beautiful message for kids and adults alike and do good at the same time by donating to Kitty and Puppy Haven,” she commented. “This organisation has taken on the incredible responsibility to help the defenceless and the forgotten, loving and nursing them back to health but are very much in need of our assistance.”

Sheep and Wolves: Pig Deal is the perfect way to end a long day of juggling work, home-schooling and coming up with fun and engaging activities for your children. Head to DStv’s BoxOffice to rent the movie and change an animal’s life forever. “We partnered with Kitty and Puppy Haven with the release of this movie to assist them to continue to rescue neglected, abused and abandoned animals and give them a second chance at a great life” said Benjamin Cowley, spokesperson at Gravel Road Distribution Group. “We implore everyone with children to rent and enjoy the movie; and at the same time save a life.”