It’s no coincidence that the last Friday of Women’s month 2019, saw the release of Uga Carlini’s latest directorial piece, a music video for actress and songster, Christia Visser titled ‘Die Deur’ (The Door), for Select Music, Sony Music Africa.

‘Die Deur’ deals with the fall out of toxic relationships long after the abuser has left and shows how the long lasting hold it often has lies hidden in between the cracks it left behind.

Shot in black and white by cinematographer Rick Joaquim, Carlini has specialized in female-driven heroine stories since 2010. Thus in the song, Visser fights her way through it, to reach the point where red flags are no longer warning signs but deal breakers.

A highlight for Carlini was collaborating with Jazzart Dance Theatre, which was founded in 1973. Jazzart’s distinguished, home-grown methodology ensures that strong technique and philosophy reflect South Africa’s diverse political, cultural and historical heritage.

Choreographed by Ananda Fuchs, the dancers symbolise how violence doesn’t discriminate. According to a recent global study, of all women who were the victims of homicide in 2012, an estimated half were killed by intimate partners or family members.

Carlini and Visser’s previous music video collaboration, ’17 Shots’, released in February 2019, won bronze at the Global Music Awards, was runner up for Best Director and Best Music Video at the International Underground Music Video Film Festival and was selected as one of four music videos for the Los Angeles based, New Media Film Festival which brings the world the best in New Media – Honoring Stories worth telling of new media artists throughout the world.