If you’ve ever searched for a favourite song on YouTube, you’ll see a host of cover versions where talented musicians ply their talents to showcase their tremendous ability. Cobus Potgieter turned heads with his self-taught drumming that reinvented many covers, offering a fresh burst of power to invigorate them.

It’s been a while since someone offered such a fresh burst of musical ability and now that Gamazda’s hit the ground running racking up almost 50 million views, she seems destined for mega stardom. While YouTube famous is quite as famous as real world famous, Gamazda has the chance to break through thanks to her brilliant piano playing, reworking of epic rock tracks for piano, pure passion, unstoppable charm and drop dead gorgeous looks.

The Russian pianist goes by the stage name Gamazda but her real name is Alexandra Kuznetsova, born into a musically-gifted Moscow family. Her piano playing is worth seeing her cover rock songs alone covering the likes of Metallica, Linkin Park, Roxette and even Dragonforce. Yet her creative flair and knack for fun turns each of these cover videos into an event. Dressing up in different outfits and using production design to set the scene based on the mood of the music, it’s a creative exercise as much as a showcase.

Search Gamazda and you’ll see search queries relating to her age, legs and a Wikipedia page, which is probably still underway. Her astute seating position at the piano accentuates her legs, which is probably why Gamazda has developed a reputation with fans. Being charming and full of vitality, she knows how to leverage her beauty.

Having attained a Master of Arts degree from Moscow State University in 2014, it was five years before she converted her immense talents to the digital ether. The blonde pianist has amassed 500,000 subscribers and is still going strong after starting this project in April 2019.

While her career started over the course of the pandemic, she’s played live concerts around Russia and been sponsored by Casio and other high profile brands for certain promotional campaigns. It’s one thing explaining what Gamazda does and who she is, but it’s another experience watching her covers in this selection of some of her most popular cover videos.

All we know is that if she keeps this up, she’ll become more of a global hit instead of being limited to audiences in Russia. When the travel restrictions are eased and international concerts become a thing, it could be Gamazda’s chance to wow people across the globe in person. Right now, we’ve just got to be happy with her regular feed of cover videos.

If you want to get behind the Gamazda revolution, you can support her via Patreon.