just now jeffrey

Ster-Kinekor brings a hilarious coming-of-age story to South African cinemas with the release of Just Now Jeffrey.

Set in 1989 Johannesburg, the film follows teenager Jeffrey Greenbaum (Julian Robinson) whose sole focus is losing his virginity before graduation. He convinces his best friend Brad (Dino Vavatzanidis) to join him on this quest, but their plans go awry. Soon, they’re entangled in a wild mix of love, lust, videotape piracy, rugby brawls, political protests, and…pornography.

This edgy comedy promises to tickle your funny bone while also warming your heart.

First-Time Filmmakers Take the Helm

Just Now Jeffrey is the brainchild of lifelong best friends Brett Morris and Hylton Tannenbaum, who transitioned from successful advertising careers to fulfill their filmmaking dream.

Their goal? To create a unique coming-of-age story that reflects the experiences of South African teenagers in the 1980s, particularly during the waning years of apartheid. They aim to showcase the complexities and diverse viewpoints of that time period.

A South African Production Through and Through

Bioscope Films and Moonlighting Films, two leading South African production companies, joined forces to create ‘Just Now Jeffrey’. Filmed in Cape Town during 2023, the movie boasts an entirely South African cast and crew.

The soundtrack is a vibrant mix of original music by Alun Richards and popular 1980s hits by local and international artists. Get ready to laugh and be transported back to 1980s South Africa with Just Now Jeffrey!