headspace movie

Indigenous Film Distribution has announced that the new animated sci-fi film “Headspace” will be released in theaters on September 15, 2023. The film is directed by Gerhard Painter and Paul Meyer of Luma Animation and produced by Dumi Gumbi and Catharina Weinek of The Ergo Company.

The film starts with a freak accident, where Max, Sophie and Gus of the Space Protection Force, and their microscopic spaceship The SPF50, take up residence inside 14-year-old Norman’s brain. They can see what he sees and hear what he hears. The nanosized crime fighting aliens must enlist Norman’s help to save earth from Zolthard, an evil intergalactic villain who has taken control of principal Witherington.

Norman and the aliens must team up with his friends to conceal the presence of alien life at their high school, all while fighting the galactic struggle between good and evil.

headspace film

Headspace is a family-friendly film that celebrates South African talent. The characters are voiced by some of the country’s finest actors, including Bonko Khoza, Zak Henrikz, Nelisa Ngcobo, Chris van Rensburg, Michelle du Plessis, Jana Louw, Sparky Xulu, and 11-year-old Dineo du Toit.

The filmmakers are confident that “Headspace” will be a hit with audiences of all ages. “At the heart of our vision for Luma Animation and for Headspace, is the notion that everyone deserves to be the hero of their own story, not forgetting that ultimately, we rely on the support of friends and collaborators to triumph,” commented Paul Meyer and Gerhard Painter. The filmmakers say “It was our dream to make an action-packed, delightful, funny, and family-orientated 3-D animation film celebrating South African talent.”

Having been exposed to the very best animation available from Pixar and Disney, films like Lion King, Toy Story, and Finding Nemo, the filmmakers were inspired to create films of the same quality in South Africa, thereby, adding their fresh voices to the global animation marketplace. Like the films that inspired it, Headspace is perfect family fare.

This first animation feature film by Luma Animation and The Ergo Company will definitely leave audiences blown away!