Margarine, a critically acclaimed film by Thabo Khambule, is a motivational story about restoration, hope, and redemption against a backdrop of shattered families, abuse, alienation, and unending cycles of violence.

Thabo Khambule makes his feature film directorial debut with the film Margarine, which he also wrote. Carmel Khambule, Thabo Khambule, Kabelo Thathe, and Bheki Ncube served as the film’s executive producers. Carmel Khambule and Bheki Ncube also served as the production’s producers.

The movie received a number of nominations at the American Black Film Festival in Miami last year and won Best International Film and Best Director at the 2022 Idyllwild International Film Festival.

Mafashion, a young gun addict, encounters Margarine, an innocent schoolgirl, just after brutally killing his father. Despite thinking that guys should be tough and not cry, her affection for him uncovers a softness he has always hidden.

Mafashion’s life is altered when he becomes a parent, and is compelled to consider the type of father he wants to be to his child.

Khambule sheds light on these lost children and how, unless our society is willing to accept the value of caring for and safeguarding them, this cycle will never be stopped and many children will grow up to become the very monsters that tormented them.

Promises is partially based on a genuine story, but it also draws inspiration from a moment in Khambule’s youth. The Khambule remembers, “I had a friend who grew up in a damaged household. “After being abandoned and rejected by his father, he developed a love for guns and turned into a nightmare for his neighborhood. He went on a shooting and robbing rampage after becoming overcome with hate, wrath, and helplessness. He attributed his actions on the mistreatment and abandonment he had received from his uncle and father. He once wanted to kill his father as a teenager and even pointed a loaded gun at him.

Finito Bullets, Mammy Manhique, Themba Mkhoma (Mirage of Life), Linda Sebezo (Gauteng Maboneng), Yolo Noruwana (Diepcity, uMbali), and Motsoaledi Setumo are some of South Africa’s most promising young performers in the film Margarine (Greed and Desire, The Queen).