daniel dercksen screenwriting workshop

On the 27th and 28th of May, a weekend workshop for writers who want to write for film or television, or writers who want to adapt their novels or plays into screenplays, will be held at the Women’s Library at the Artscape Centre in Cape Town.

The Writing Studio has shaped the successful careers of many of South Africa’s leading filmmakers and storytellers over the past 24 years, and is now honing the skills of future writers in the art and craft of storytelling. Daniel Dercksen, a renowned cinema and theatre journalist who teaches workshops and courses in creative writing, playwriting, and screenwriting throughout South Africa. Dercksen, a story editor and film journalist with 40 years of experience, leads the class since he formed the studio 24 years ago.

“I will take writers beyond the boundaries of the mundane and turn nothing into something extraordinary, transform potential ideas into vibrant visual narrative and challenge writers to step outside their comfort zones. It has never been a better time to a screenwriter, especially since streaming platforms like Netflix have opened a demand for new stories,’ says Dercksen.

On Saturday, May 27, authors will investigate who they are as storytellers and what it takes to be a writer, focusing on the essentials of producing a tale. Before travelling to the Labia Theatre to see a film, writers will learn how to read a film and explore the world of cinema, as well as the language and visual dynamics of film, as well as how to evaluate and critique film.

On Sunday, May 28th, the authors will discuss how to define their characters, how visual dynamics can enrich their characters, how to create dialogue, and how to conduct research. The authors will dive into structure during the last session, learning how to plan and plot their script, as well as the art of composition and how to control their story creatively by crafting story outlines.

After each session, there will be a Q&A, and at the end of the weekend, writers will compose the first 10 pages of their screenplay at home and submit it for evaluation and review before continuing to create their first draft. This course is appropriate for new and rising authors who want personalized instruction on the fundamental approaches used by great writers. All genres of writers are welcome, as good fiction transcends genre.

Send an email to daniel@writingstudio.co.za or visit The Writer’s Studio for more information about the weekend session and how to register.