Michael Blignaut, the brunette singer from Piet Retief, just released his second single, Hemelwater.

Michael Blignaut

Hemelwater is written by Vaughan and Nerine Gardiner and inspired by their relationship.

“As a couple, it’s a case of the right person entering your life at the right time as if sent by God to heal you. Your path might have crossed with that person a few times before, but it wasn’t the right time to become one as a couple. When you least expect it, that person sweep you off your feet and you realise this is your soulmate,” explains Michael.

Michael feels that listeners will relate to the lyrics of Hemelwater, especially because it reflects personal experience.

“Hemelwater is one of those songs that keep on building as the song is performed and then as it progress,  confirms that if you have the right person in your life, it can heal the hurt you’ve experienced in your past and that your soulmate is your happiness,” Michael added.   

“Together we make sense, together we are one. Our pathways crafted from the start. You’ve been sent from heaven, to build and lift me up,” is an extract from the lyrics. The music video for this beautiful song is currently being drafted and will be released in due course. 

Hemelwater is available on these digital platforms:
iTunes | Deezer | Spotify