Thats What She Said film

In the lead-up to the 16 Days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse in South Africa 2023, a groundbreaking documentary is shedding light on the pervasiveness of gender-based violence (GBV) in the country. “That’s What She Said: A Social Inquiry” delves into this critical issue through the personal experiences of survivors and the reactions of a diverse panel of men.

Directed by Natasha Sutherland and produced by Tracy Going and Lesedi Job, the film centers on the acclaimed theater adaptation of Going’s memoir, “Brutal Legacy.” Going, an award-winning former TV and radio news anchor, shares her harrowing story of GBV, offering a glimpse into the devastating impact of this violence.

The documentary interweaves scenes from the theater performance with commentary from a panel of men, highlighting the universality of GBV and its far-reaching consequences. Their reactions provide valuable insights into the challenges and complexities surrounding GBV, challenging societal norms and sparking meaningful dialogue.

South Africa’s alarming statistics on GBV paint a stark picture. The country is considered the rape capital of the world, with a staggering 10,818 rape cases reported in the first quarter of 2022 alone. Research indicates that the rate at which women are killed by intimate partners in South Africa is five times higher than the global average.

GBV manifests in various forms, including physical, emotional, psychological, financial, or structural harm. It often occurs within the confines of homes, workplaces, and communities, deeply embedded in social and cultural norms that perpetuate gender inequality.

The film’s title, “That’s What She Said,” challenges the normalization of harmful gender stereotypes and the culture of silence that surrounds GBV. It encourages open and honest conversations about this prevalent issue, emphasizing the need for collective action to prevent and address GBV.

“That’s What She Said: A Social Inquiry” is a powerful and thought-provoking documentary that aims to raise awareness, challenge societal attitudes, and inspire change. It is a call to action for individuals, communities, and organizations to stand up against GBV and create a safer and more equitable society for all.

While “That’s What She Said” will not be released through traditional cinema distribution, corporate organizations have the opportunity to host screenings at cinemas or their own premises. This initiative aims to engage employees and foster meaningful discussions around GBV.

The documentary will also be available on Showmax starting December 1, 2023, providing wider access to its powerful message.

“That’s What She Said: A Social Inquiry” is a vital contribution to the ongoing fight against GBV in South Africa. By sharing personal stories, challenging societal norms, and encouraging open dialogue, the film has the potential to create a lasting impact and inspire positive change.