is an import retail business, which makes it possible for customers to get goods without getting caught up with the red tape of customs and hidden costs. They have a wide range of import goods on offer, which seem to be sourced from bigger retail giants. This is a promising service concept if you’re unable to import goods on your own. The shipping costs can sometimes exceed the cost of the goods you’re trying to buy. Doing high volume orders can help reduce these costs and makes this type of business more feasible. However, getting the product to the customer doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be left wishing you hadn’t used their service.

From the outset, Runaako looks like a legitimate business. They have a reasonable website, a physical address, will respond to queries relating to your order and send you tracking details once dispatched. A quick Google search will find several reviews of their flip-a-coin service offering on HelloPeter.

While the wait can be long, starting with about 3-4 weeks, you are made aware of these times ahead of ordering your goods. The prices are usually inflated, so it’s worth shopping around or checking on marketplace websites such as Gumtree, OLX and Facebook Marketplace before thinking of ordering through sites like Runaako and WantItAll. It’s even worth seeing just how much shipping will set you back if you go directly through websites like eBay or Amazon. The shipping is more expensive, probably to accomodate recent changes and go through recognised international couriers. Import charges and your ID are now factored into your Amazon purchase for ease of processing.

If after your investigation you still find Runaako is the only place to find the item, you’ll want to proceed with caution. After ordering a vintage PS2 game called Bully or Canis Canem Edit (video review below) through them, this customer was made aware that the product was refurbished. This is to be expected since the game has been around for a decade or two subsequent to the PS3, PS4 and now even PS5. It’s a classic. While it was available through two other buyers, they were reluctant to send a single game via couriers from other parts of the country in spite of being willing to cover postage.

It fell upon Runaako to make the difficult-to-find PS2 video game available. While the price was about 3x times more expensive than direct buyers, it was worth giving Runaako a run for their money. After making assurances that the game would be perfectly playable, it seemed like a reasonable bet to go with to fulfill the order. Placing the order was a fairly painless exercise, although being able to do so without creating account made it a bit of a chore.

The communication process wasn’t great. While the necessary actions were happening in the background, these checkpoints weren’t being communicated. Having to contact their support at intervals, it eventually got better and resulted in delivery. While it seemed like a gamble at first, the PS2 game arrived as promised. Using this South African import portal for the first time there was some hesitation and since it’s not widely known, the first experience was uncertain.

While Runaako delivered the product as promised, this is where things fell apart. After trying to play the game, it got stuck on the loading screen. Being a refurbished product, discs are polished and buffed to eliminate scratches. Usually this is enough to make games, DVDs and CDs playable. Some even suggest using toothpaste as a way to smooth out scratches. The best option is to go with a machine designed to do this job. While this made the disc look much better, a deep scratch near the edge of the PS2 game was still visible and probably the reason the game wasn’t loading.

After contacting Runaako to inform them of the problem, their first response was not the “customer is always right”. They insisted that the game had been refurbished and checked. Yet, using a nearly new PS2 console and testing other games to ensure it wasn’t the console itself, the problem persisted. Their first “hand washing” email response was also their last communication. After suggesting that the disc be polished again at the customer’s expense, there was nothing but radio silence. Not getting the green light for this action, a refund or return was requested. The product page is no longer available to order through their service – they know there’s a problem.

Still after two weeks (we’ll let you know if there are any developments)… silence. The PS2 game is actually one of the cheaper options on their website, which is why it was almost worth the risk of ordering through them. Yet, they haven’t been able to make right on a promise of the game working properly even after photographic and video evidence to show the problem. Now with a defunct PS2 game and out of pocket, this experience has left a sour taste in this customer’s mouth and prompted a review to warn other potential customers. This may be the first time you’re hearing about but if you found this review in a bid to verify their legitimacy, it should offer some clarity.

After mailing them to inform them that this review would be chronicling their poor after sales service, they still did not bother to respond. It’s these kind of values that make you question a business and their ethics. Do you want to do business with a company that’s going to leave you in the lurch? Well, it seems as though the gamble is up to you. This former customer would suggest that you avoid or if compelled to make use of their services, don’t spend more than you’re willing to lose. It’s a simple story.

One wonders why were willing to let an irate customer write such a comprehensive review of their poor after sales service – especially for such an inexpensive item. Customer service is so important, especially in an age where social media and the internet opens business opportunities far and wide. Even more critical is ensuring you try to protect your online reputation as an online business. Runaako’s actions clearly indicate that they’re only there for you until a problem arises and are happy for you to take the gamble on their behalf.