sex in afrikaans

In the groundbreaking and raunchy documentary series Sex in Afrikaans, four Afrikaans couples and two singles, speak openly about their sex lives with the help of clinical psychologist Bradley R Daniels. Carte Blanche has covered some peculiar sexual fascinations but Sex in Afrikaans carries an 18SNLV for a reason.

“I didn’t think anything could still shock or surprise me,” says narrator Rian van Heerden, who is also producing through Provoco. “But I can tell you, while we were filming this series, we could hardly believe what we were hearing! I honestly didn’t think I was conservative and then I realised that I was actually still a little conservative…”

Featuring interviews with sex workers, adult shop owners, a unicorn, swingers, dominatrixes, a crossdresser, a dungeon master, people who dress up like babies, and others who prefer full body latex suits, Sex in Afrikaans is an eye-opening tour of what your neighbours and co-workers get up to behind closed doors.  

The media is already buzzing about the series, with Saturday Star calling it “jaw-dropping”, IOL labelling it “SA’s most controversial TV series to date” and CityPress predicting it’s “set to get tongues wagging.”

On Twitter, people have been commenting on how surprised they were at just how progressive the Afrikaans community are. While a stereotype, shattered by this documentary series, many are shocked at just how wrong they were about what has been regarded as a typically conservative culture. Compared with soft core porn, there are some who think the raunchy series might not be streaming for all that long with a few warning friends and family to catch it before it’s gone. It’s been described as entertaining based on the absolute characters on display.