SuperSport Park Stadium and Facilities Conference is proud to announce its partnership with access solution giant, SKIDATA, as an Official Partner to the 2019 Stadium and Facilities Conference.

Lending credence to the conference objective, the partnership is spurred by the shared belief that the stadium and facilities experience does not start at the cash desk and the access checks on site, but at the customer´s home – for example, with the purchase of online tickets, or the reservation of a parking space. Similarly, the stadium and facilities experience does not end with the final whistle, or the end of the event, because bonus points, interesting and useful information about the day ensure that the perfect experience continues to provide value.

Bradley Lovell, Managing Director for SKIDATA South Africa (Pty) Ltd., found perfect sense in the partnership that complements their business model in pursuit of perfect access management.

“SKIDATA have successfully managed to reduce the pain points of stadium access control around the world and look forward to maximising not only the control and revenue for the stadium owners, but also providing customer satisfaction to the fans, supports and guests, hence it is a pleasure for SKIDATA to be an official partner and sponsor of this prestigious and important 2019 Stadium and Facilities Conference, and demonstrate our access solutions for stadia in South Africa” stated Lovell.

SKIDATA’s complete range of stadium access solutions guarantees that thousands of fans can enter your stadium effortlessly in the shortest time. Security and speed for access controls are at the centre of attention. The SKIDATA complete solution takes the needs of the host into account, as well as those of fans and guests. Titans Cricket (Pty) Ltd., Chief Executive, Dr Jacques Faul, marked this partnership a feather in the cap of the flagship conference that aims to grow in topical relevance and industry attraction.

“It is nothing short of an honour to have the Austrian-founded brand on board as we look ahead to the conference this month,” concluded Faul.