Stunt artists from across the world are joining forces as they fight to get the recognition that they deserve.

The Stunt Alliance launches on March 4 in the hope that it will lead to their craft being recognised and honoured at the major awards.

Between them, members have crashed thousands of vehicles, blown up hundreds of buildings and have been killed by just about every Hollywood A-lister you could possibly imagine. But despite being part of some of the biggest action on both the big and small screen, frustratingly their skills are often overlooked.

The stunt industry faces many problems aside from being overlooked by the major film and television academies… corruption, safety issues, access, support for wounded stunt performers/retired performers and lack of female performers and coordinators are all issues on the agenda for The Stunt Alliance to tackle… this is not just any old agency.

Based out of their offices in Long Acre, the mission of The Stunt Alliance is to raise awareness of the stunt craft, speak to safety issues and provide a community for stunt artists everywhere.

Kelly Warnell Global Head of Talent for The Stunt Alliance says ‘When creativity, knowledge, power and information come together, it creates a perfect storm that will hopefully bring change. Our members set the bench-mark, representing the best in their craft worldwide. Any great action film you can think of, I guarantee will have had one of our members involved. We will be the leading community —  I would even say family — for stunt masters and our mission is clear: to lead the industry in this highly-skilled, high risk film sector and be the first to speak for true craft recognition.”

Membership of The Stunt Alliance includes award-winning horse masters, armourers, vehicular stunt coordinators, fight coordinators, underwater/marine coordinators, 2nd unit directors, performers and SFX specialists.